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Join other developers, technology integrators, designers and hackers of all types in building and maintaining civic software and open data projects in the greater Burlington, Vermont area.

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Through collaborations with several organizations, more than 20 projects have been started since the National Day of Civic Hacking in June of 2013.

A collection of applications are under development that will help Big Heavy World promote and preserve Vermont-made music. Big Heavy World is a non-profit organization and a defacto music office for both the State of Vermont and the City of Burlington. Big Heavy World projects include a live music venue directory, a discussion forum for Vermont musicians, a music archive app, a music events calendar, and a Vermont artist directory.

Code for BTV volunteers developed a "green" printing app for Fletcher Free Library. This app is designed to reduce unintentional and wasteful printing in the library's public access computer center by informing users how many pages they are about to print and the associated cost.

Collaborating with the Vermont Digital Economy Project, volunteers working with Code for BTV have built or improved websites for over a dozen non-profit organizations and plan to work on many more of these websites. The Vermont Digital Economy Project has found that communities with digitally connected non-profit organizations are more resilient to natural disasters. These websites are helping to make Vermont non-profits more connected, and thus are making Vermont communities more resilient.

Lakecraft is an educational tool that engages youth and adults in science by gamifying the Lake Champlain Basin using open GIS data and a custom modification to Minecraft.

Open Data

The City of Burlington Mayor's Office recently launched an open data platform, and Code for BTV has been working with them on this initiative. The State of Vermont is also working on its own open data portal. Brigade Captain Bradley Holt spoke at the inaugural Vermont Open Data Summit hosted by the Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI). The Vermont Open Data Summit was the beginning of a discussion between government officials, civic hackers, and technologists.

BTV Ignite

BTV Ignite is a partnership between US Ignite and the City of Burlington that is leveraging Burlington's gigabit network as a test bed for the development of next generation gigabit Internet applications. Brigade Captains Jason Pelletier and Bradley Holt published a report in March of 2013 called Burlington's Gigabit Opportunity as part of an initiative called BTV Gig. The report describes a strategy for developing a thriving culture of innovation around gigabit across a diverse range of constituents within Burlington. Brigade Captain Bradley Holt serves on the Burlington Mayor's BTV Ignite Advisory Committee. Code for BTV works with BTV Ignite and Burlington Telecom to make high-speed connectivity available at hackathons whenever possible.

Civic Cloud Collaborative

The Civic Cloud Collaborative includes eight forward-thinking organizations working to create civic and public spaces within Burlington's gigabit network. The Civic Cloud will provide tools for innovative community organizers, non-profits and civic hackers in Burlington, Vermont. The Civic Cloud will build on Burlington’s fiber-optic gigabit network which provides Internet speeds of over 100 times the average national broadband speed. The Civic Cloud will be available for the community to use as a platform for public, non-commercial Internet applications and digital creative works.

The Civic Cloud Collaborative is comprised of Big Heavy World, CCTV Center for Media & Democracy, Code for BTV, Found Line, Laboratory B, Regional Educational Television Network (RETN), and Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM). Found Line has facilitated the development of the Civic Cloud Collaborative.

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New Moran

New Moran is a plan to redevelop the landmark Moran Generating Station on Burlington's waterfront into a mixed-use, energy self-sufficient civic space. New Moran will be a hub for community gatherings while supporting human-powered recreation and access to local food, art, energy, and technology. Code for BTV is a New Moran program partner and plans to use New Moran as a community research & development hub, an educational space, and a space for gathering and collaboration.

About Code for BTV

Code for BTV is an official Code for America Brigade that facilitates sustainable collaborations on civic software and open data projects between coders, designers, and organizations (both governmental and non-governmental) in the greater Burlington, Vermont area. Code for BTV hosts events for civic hackers to come together and work on building and reusing civic apps and support open data initiatives.

"Burlington's membership and participation in the Code for America Brigade will allow us to continue innovating within our City and provide a tremendous opportunity to collaborate with other innovative cities around the country."

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger

Code for BTV has engaged over 60 civic hackers on well over 20 projects with an estimated 2,000 hours of volunteer time contributed since its launch with the National Day of Civic Hacking in June of 2013. Code for BTV has held monthly meetups in addition to two major hackathons, the National Day of Civic Hacking and Hack the Stacks: Civic Hacking at Fletcher Free Library.

Code for BTV is a program of Found Line. Code for BTV program partners include Big Heavy World, Fletcher Free Library, the City of Burlington Mayor's Office, NOFA-VT, and the Office of the UVM Vice President for Research. Bradley Holt and Jason Pelletier are Code for America Brigade Captains with Code for BTV. Special thanks to James Lockridge from Big Heavy World for his ongoing efforts to start and support the Brigade.