VT Code Camp session: Civic Tech

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 1:00pm to 1:30pm

Code for BTV's will be speaking at this year's VT Code Camp about impactful ways to use your tech talent. 

Opportunities to use your digital skills for social good are everywhere, but it isn't always clear how to get started, or what your involvement would be. We're going to look at concrete examples of people like you working on things like hurricane relief and social justice reform. This is exciting and meaningful work – and you can get involved right now.

We will take a look at a variety of companies and projects that bring technical proficiency to areas of social good – and why that help is so badly needed.  Naturally we will also look at local efforts and opportunities to get involved with meaningful projects on a volunteer basis.

Post-event info

The presentation came off nicely.  Below are links to the slide deck and the presentation itself:

We recorded the presentation too: 


Event Location

Center for Communication and Creative Media
Champlain College
375 Maple Street
Burlington, VT 05401