Expunge VT

Problem Statement

A criminal record can interfere with getting a job, housing, food assistance and other aspects of life. Many records are decades old and are eligible to be removed, but the process can be difficult. Even when a person is aware that they have a record that could be expunged, often financial and logistical barriers stand in the way.

Project Summary

We are in the early stages of exploring the posibilities of how to expidite clearing people's records.  First we will be developing a simple in-house tool that will help organizations like Vermont Legal Aid draft their expungement petitions more effeciently.  This simple project will inform future projects.

As we move forward, we hope to provide web or mobile based tools that agencies and individuals can use to more easily submit expungment petitions.  It may also be possible to proactively seek out records eligible for expungement and either notify individuals, or potentially fully automate the expungment of eligible records as other states are currently pursuing.