VT Audio Player

Problem Statement

The Vermont Music Archive wants to establish itself as an online library capable of lending music in a controlled fashion. A key component is an audio player that is capable of preventing its audio tracks from being downloaded or played simultaneously. The Archive exists on the Omeka platform so any solution needs to be fully integrated into that system.

Project Summary

The goal of the Vermont Music Archive is to ensure that local music becomes part of Vermont’s cultural legacy, preserving the music for future generations and celebrating it in the present.  The Archive would like to follow in the footsteps of libaries which typically create no more than three digital versions of a copyrighted artifact and make one available on the library site.  In order to provide this functionality on the Omeka platform it appears that a new audio player plugin will most likely need to be created with the following constraints:

  • People should not be able to download the music
  • The number of people able play an individual track simultaneously should be configurable
  • The player should be built as an Omeka plugin and ideally be submitted as an official plugin
  • Modest theming should be possible, ideally drawing from the selected site template

Current Status

This project is being revived by Christina Hamilton and Anthony Hunsche and is now under active development.

However, several years ago Code for BTV created a Wordpress plugin that provided the required features.  This player is still in service at https://www.bigheavyworld.com/music/hear-the-archive/ but unfortunately it cannot be used directly on Omeka.

Needed Skills: