Project Design

Project Designers help understand the requirements for a project – customer needs, brigade suitability, industry, and legal/regulatory – and design the overall solution.

People helping fill this role are likely to do some or all these:

  • Analyze the needs of the partnering organization and it's constituents

  • Document the overall design and so that when a team is assembled the plan can be resumed (if necessary) and begun

  • Create written descriptions, flowcharts and other models to help people understand the plan clearly

  • Collaborate with other skilled volunteers as required by the project such as front or backend developers, IT experts, mobile designers, etc

  • Identify all stakeholders and include them in the planning process so that the ultimate solution has buy-in from everyone

GreenUp App

Started in 1970, GreenUp Day in Vermont has been a State "event" every year since then. While the world has produced all sorts of new trash to pickup, the GreenUp organization has not made many strides towards bringing the event into the digital age. This project aims to develop an app and tools to ease the process for admins and greener-uppers!