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Code for BTV

Action Night (formerly Hack Night)

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Code for BTV brings together teams of volunteer citizens and technologists to create new tools for civic-oriented and social justice organizations, solving meaningful problems for our community through digital technology.

Action nights, formerly called “Hack Nights” are recurring scheduled times for teams to get together and push along project work, whatever that might mean. For teams that are in design and planning phases that may mean UX and design or brainstorm exercises. For teams that are working on an iteration of implementation, then it could mean meeting with a client or programming or event planning … projects take many forms and have many needs. We’re finding that having a set-aside time for people to put on the calendar to get work done is helpful.

If everyone that shows up is familiar with the work and teams, then we may just jump right to work. If we have new people show, we will briefly introduce what the projects are so they can know what at least are all working on.

Given the new structure of meeting during the pandemic, and reduced capacity to run these meetings, onboarding of new members will happen in a separate MeetUp event – usually only when we know we have new members that need onboarding. But we welcome everyone to attend all meetings without the onboarding – feel free to ask any questions!

We suggest you put this on your calendar so that even if you know your project has nothing for you to do for a given action night, it will be on their when the next one rolls around to remind you to check in! 🙂

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2022-06-28 @ 06:00 PM to
2022-06-28 @ 09:00 PM

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