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Code for BTV



Come hang out: join our Slack workspace – everyone is encouraged to join.

Attend an event: we organize most events through our public Meetup group.


Contact us directly at the Code for BTV brigade using the form below:

Physical Location

Please note: all events are being held remotely until further notice.

Code for BTV Headquarters

c/o Big Heavy World

4 Howard St, Unit A-8

Burlington, VT 05401

Brigade Leadership

Picture of Brigade Captain James Lockridge.
Brigade Captain – James Lockridge
Picture of Community Organizer Katrina Meyers.
Community Organizer - Katrina Meyers
Picture of Brigade Captain Irit Seligman.
Brigade Captain – Irit Seligman
Picture of Brigade Captain Nick Floersch wearing a jacket that says 'Code for America'.
Brigade Captain – Nick Floersch